Formal Argument Essay Research

Formal Argument Essay Research Number 4 Length: 1,200 – 1,500 words with “Works Cited” page 1) Define and then write an argument or position related to your research (essay from last time I ordered which you wrote)

Formal Argument Essay Research
Formal Argument Essay Research

The Task: to pick a well-defined position or course of action related to your research topic (the essay you wrote about last time) on whose behalf you will argue

Formal Argument Essay Research Goals

The Goal: to inform and influence members of our class and other readers.

Write your argument as if it will be published in a journal of articles for university students, staff, faculty.

Sources: Your argument will make use of the research presented in your report, but it may also incorporate material from further reading and researching

The Format: your essay will include (in some coherent order which you’ll decide upon) these features:

— any background information necessary of helpful to your readers;

— a clear thesis (a statement of position on the issue) to focus your efforts as a writer and to create reliable expectations by which your readers can understand your ideas;

— support for this thesis in the form of evidence and discussion (reason, examples, expert testimony, information, analysis, etc.;

— a logical and continuous organization both for the essay as a whole and within each paragraph—a coherent progression of ideas characterized by a clear movement between general assertion and specific support

Formal Argument Essay Research

— use of Refutation, Concession, Rogerian strategy or other rhetorical devices as discussed in part (pgs. 85-88) of the assigned Cooper & Patton reading (see bottom). If you don’t do this reading, you’ll hurt your chances of doing well on this paper.

— in-text citations and Works Cited page, just as with your research paper

Special Considerations: The amount of counterargument you include in your paper is up to you; you are not obligated to include opponents’ entire arguments but in order to be fair you should perhaps include the most significant point or points, perhaps summarizing or generalizing about any which seem to fall together, to depend on a common set of assumptions.

Formal Argument Essay Research

Because you will be considering a number of viewpoints—those of various other voices, your opponents, and your own—you must make sure your readers know whose point of view you are expressing. Very clear and logical transitions between points will help you accomplish this, as will smooth attribution of quotations and ideas of others (please cite sources in-text!)

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