Formula of leadership development in action

Consider the following: “Combining development and work makes even more sense if you believe the long-accepted maxim that there is a 70/20/10 formula that applies to leadership development. (That formula suggests that 70% of what you learn about leadership comes from on-the-job experiences. Coaching from your boss and others gives you the next 20% and the final 10% comes from formal classroom development.)

While those exact numbers can be debated, most would say it is directionally correct. Why, then, do organizations spend virtually no time trying to gain a higher return from the 70%, a minimal effort on the 20%, and focus most of their resources on the 10%?
Answer the 4 questions below:
1. Discuss a time when you saw the 70/20/10 formula of leadership development in action. Do you agree that these are the correct percentages? If not, what is a more realistic breakdown?
2. What is the biggest problem you see with the 70/20/10 formula?
3. If you could reapportion the percentages as they should be instead of as they are, how would you weight the formula? For example, if the classroom portion should be 25%, where do you remove the extra 15% so it all still adds up to 100%?
4. Where in the 70/20/10 formula do you think coaching is most present? Where should it be?

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