Framing Theory and Islamophobia in the Western World

Framing Theory and Islamophobia in the Western World
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A literature review discuss an existing literature on a topic or a theory. a literature review combines summary and synthesis to explore different research
approaches on a particular topic.

Framing Theory and Islamophobia in the Western World
Framing Theory and Islamophobia in the Western World

For this particular paper, you will write a literature review on a specific communication theory the purpose of this paper is for you to develop a foundation for your own research. What kind of research has been explored using your particular theory? The literature review will
allow you to assess existing research, help justify your specific RESEARCH QUESTION and propose how your research will contribute to your theory’s body of

Framing Theory and Islamophobia in the Western World Strategies for Literature Reviews

FIND A FOCUS: a literature review is organized around ideas, not the sources them selves. you will not list each source and summarize. instead, consider
themes or ideas that are consistent or contradictory in your research articles.
WRITE A THESIS STATEMENT: this statement should guide your literature review. to write this, you MUST read your PEER-REVIED articles first.
ORGANIZATION: there are several ways to organize your literature review, so that you are able to incorporate summary and synths.
introduction: what is the main topic of your literature review? give a brief background on the history and development of the theory. this should not be more
than one paragraph.
body: discussion of the different applications of your theory. what communication phenomena does your theory help explain? what methods complement the
theoretical framework? are there any consistencies or contradictions in the findings?
conclusion: discussion on your assessment of the theory. is there a void that your research can help fill? end with your RESEARCH QUESTION{{{the research
question should contribute to the evolution of your specific theory}}}
ORGANIZING THE BODY OF THE LITERATURE REVIEW: there are various options to organize the body the literature review. remember not to organize the body according to individual articles. you must include summary and synthesis. you must read your articles BEFORE deciding on how to organize the body of your
literature review.
thematic: what are consistent themes in your theoretical research?
methodological: what methods are commonly used to explore a topic using your theory? you could organize it according to quantitative or cultural methods, or
you could organize it according to survey research, interviewed, focus groups, or textual analysis, again, this will depend on the kind of methods that are
most commonly used with your theory.
USE EVIDENCE: be sure to base your argument/main idea of your literature review in the existing research you selected to assess.
USE TOPIC SENTENCE AND TRANSITIONS STATEMENT: your literature review should have coherent flow. topic sentences help focus each paragraph and topic sentences
help build bridges between two ideas (or paragraph)
USE QOUTES SPARINGLY: only use a quote when what the author says cannot be rewritten in your own words. it should be meaningful and relevant.
PARAPHRASE, NOT PLAGIARIZE: dont plagiarize. you will FAIL this paper if i find that any part of your literature review is copy and pasted. when
paraphrasing. it is not enough to just change one word in the sentence. rewrite in your OWN words.

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