Fulfillment of energy requirements

Fulfillment of energy requirements
Fulfillment of energy requirements

Fulfillment of energy requirements

In what circumstances will nuclear – OR – wind – OR – solar power offer solutions to our energy requirements? (If you choose this option you will be required to incorporate information from The Myth of Green Energy selections in the course reader as one of your sources.

Growth in the world’s population and economy, coupled with rapid urbanization, will result in a substantial increase in energy demand over the coming years. The United Nations (UN) estimates that the world’s population will grow from 7.6 billion in 2017 to 9.8 billion by 2050. The process of urbanisation – which currently adds a city the size of Shanghai to the world’s urban population every four months or so – will result in approximately two-thirds of the world’s people living in urban areas by 2050 (up from 54% in 2014). The challenge of meeting rapidly growing energy demand, whilst reducing harmful emissions of greenhouse gases, is very significant and proving challenging. In 2017 global atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide rose by 1.4%, the largest annual rise ever recorded.

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