Gender Sexuality Reflective Patch

Gender Sexuality Reflective Patch What to do for this activity/task you will have:

Gender Sexuality Reflective Patch
Gender Sexuality Reflective Patch

• Reflect on your knowledge and understanding of gender and sexuality, and • Consider the topics of gender and sexuality in relation to the concepts of ‘deviance’ and social control.

Gender Sexuality Reflective Patch Guidance

  1. Briefly describe your initial understanding of the concepts of ‘deviance’ and social control and consider these in the context of gender and sexuality;
  2. Outline where your views have come from – make attempts to locate this in a discussion of social control 3. This patch is purely based on your own reflections, can be written in the first person and does not need to incorporate the academic readings

Word Length: You should aim for around 600 words

No references or in-text citations are needed for these 600 words

reflective writing

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