German Film Techniques in a Variety of Films

German Film Techniques in a Variety of Films 1. Directors of the New German Cinema often have a love/hate relationship to Hollywood—they imitate American film genres such as film noir (Wim Wenders) while subverting them.

German Film Techniques in a Variety of Films
German Film Techniques in a Variety of Films

With at least 2 examples, explain how German directors parody American film genres.
2. By analyzing at least 2 films, demonstrate how the coming to terms with the past  Vergangenheitsbewaltigung)—the Nazi past, WW II and the Economic Miracle
– is a typical theme of German film. Mention at least 2 techniques that directors use to present the recent German past in a critical light (Ex… the
“framing” of Maria Braun” (prologue/epilogue); sound montage; Schlondorff’s (Films: The Tin Drum, and The Young Torless) ; use of the grotesque; Von Trotta’s use of space.) (Von Trotta Films:” Mariane and Juliane” (1950’s ) and “Rosa Luxembourg”,
3. Describe the “mythical” elements (as reflected in content and form. ex; camera techniques) Herzog’s films (ex.. “Aguirre, the Wrath of God or the

German Film Techniques in a Variety of Films

How do these films differ from other, more politically explicit, German films? Such as: “M” by Fritzlang) “The Murderers among Us” by
Wolfgang Staudtes and others
4. How do some German film directors achieve an “alienation effect” through the use of sound (especially “ Maria Braun” (Fassbinder’s), the grotesque (“The Tin Drum” ( Schlondorff’s) and unusual camera angel (Herzog)?(Film by Herzog: Nosferatu The Vampyre, “Aguirre, the Wrath of God or the “Fitzcarraldo”. What is the desired effect of this “alienation” on the audience? How does this effect differ from the entertainment offered by Hollywood films?
5. Many films about German History show the relationship between the personal and the political. The personal stories of such protagonists as Marie Braun
(Fassbinder’s) Oskar Mazerath( Schlondorff’s) and Mariane and Juliane” (Von Trotta’s ) depict a quest for the truth which involves a search for a political
and personal identity. “The American Friend” (Wim Wenders), on the other hand, depicts a loss of identity. Explain how this dual search for identity is
accomplished in at least 3 films

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