Global business and Emerging Economies

Global business and Emerging Economies Companies like apple and amazon reached one trillion dollars but they rely on emerging economies like china and India for resources, labor and market access.

Global business and Emerging Economies
Global business and Emerging Economies

Nevertheless, the immense wealth they generate go back to developed economies and not help the developing economies. Should global businesses do more help to emerging economies to develop?

Global business and Emerging Economies and Research

For this assignment, research and discuss from the ethical point. Structure of the paper- 1.An introductory section about global business and current business context. 2.A literature review with minimum 5 peer reviewed sources about the theme. 3.A discussion section answering the assignments’ main question with the help of literature review and real examples of companies whom projects are impacting in emerging economies. 4.Conclusion from the research. Important Note- proper APA style and complete text citation. Discuss examples of big companies which not helping to developing economies and companies with their projects helping emerging economies to develop.



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