Global Business Plan Project Report

Global Business Plan Project Report This assignment is a Project Report and I would like to ask the Writer to write a Project report including all these Items below:

Global Business Plan Project Report
Global Business Plan Project Report

Do not write the question and just answer please…
Just Answer these question writing the Project report :
First you have to read these 3 Articles below:
1)Leading Through Connections – Insight from the Global CEO Study;
2)Writing an Effective Business Plan;
3)Why a Business Plan is so Important;

Global Business Plan Project Report Assignment Requirement

This assignment will give you the rare opportunity to look inside of the mind of a CEO and make decisions like they do on a daily basis. Then you will create
a business plan for your company to expand to a global operation based on what you learned from the CEO’s in the study. This business plan should be a set of
recommendations from you, in your CEO role, to your stakeholders. These recommendations will establish a framework for your global expansion.
This document is a CEO study conducted by IBM and it will give you outstanding insight of what is on the minds of the people running key businesses from
every part of the world. This 2018 CEO study is based on a survey of more than 1700 CEO’s and will give you a view of what is going on in business today and
the issues that management is facing regarding strategic business decisions.
After reading the documents I would like you to take on the role of a CEO. Your company is expanding its operations to a global level.

Global Business Plan Project Report Recommendations

You need to put together a business plan that you can take to your board of directors and the stockholders with your recommendations:
As elements of your business plan you need to include the following items:
Embracing Connectedness
Empowering Employees through Values
Engaging Customers as Individuals
Amplifying Innovation with Partnerships
Leading in the Connected Era
Use the following questions to guide your analysis process:
What are the real issues facing your businesses as you go to a global level?
What really matters to you as the CEO?
How can the use of social media help, or hinder business growth?
Why are partnerships so important in this expansion plan?
What is the “enhanced customer relationship” you need to achieve?
How do I protect and develop my most important asset, “my employees”?

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