Global Economics Discussion and Replay

Global Economics Discussion and Replay Read the CRS Report regarding the

of 1997. Also, follow this link to the Wikipedia page describing the Asian Financial Crisis (I have crossed referenced the data on Wikipedia for accuracy and have found the information to be correct).

Global Economics Discussion and Replay
Global Economics Discussion and Replay

Many of the Asian Tigers (Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.) blamed the downturn of their economies on currency traders. Malaysia and Thailand took drastic measures to clamp down on trading in the Thai baht and the Malaysian ringgit as well as foreign direct investment in their nations.

Answer these two questions

Do you think an international policy restricting currency trading amongst arbitrageurs and speculators will prevent monetary problems in the future?

Do you think it is ethical for global speculators to bet against domestic currencies (i.e. American speculators betting against the dollar) possibly sending entire economies into a tailspin?

Or do you think currency speculators perform a valuable service by correcting overvalued and undervalued currencies?

After that replay to student 1 and 2 say why you agree or disagree with them

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