Globalization and Russia Research Paper

Globalization and Russia
Globalization and Russia

Globalization and Russia

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By Day 4, post a brief summary on the effects of globalization on health in Russia. Discuss one change in quality of life in post-transition Russia. Also, explain one change in mortality in post-transition Russia. Provide examples for both. Expand on your insights utilizing the Learning Resources.

Use APA formatting for your Discussion and to cite your resources.


Globalization and Russia

Globalization has dramatically affected health in Russia. Much of the concern is on the international flow of capital on emerging infectious diseases to the opportunities provided by the new, unexpected influx of spending on defense against bioterrorism. There is a variety of emergent opportunities for enhancing infectious disease control such as global surveillance capabilities and the dynamic nature of the new Russian public health training programs (Cockerham, & Cockerham, 2010). According to Cockerham, & Cockerham (2010), globalization is showing itself in Russia by the increased morbidity of which food and commodities are diffused to all parts of Russia to control infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS. In fact, the rapid spread of human immune-deficiency virus (HIV) in Russia is an example of the profound globalizing forces on the emergence, distribution and the spread of infectious diseases.

There has been a phenomenal change in quality of life in Russia during the post-transition period. This change in quality is improvement in life expectancy especially in Romania. This happened by Romania starting to follow the path of improving adult mortality as seen in the 1990 (Cockerham, & Cockerham, 2010). This improvement in adult mortality was consequently followed by improvement in child mortality mostly to countries in the Eastern parts of Russia. In addition, there was a change in mortality in post-transition Russia. It is observed that there was decline in overall life expectancy in Romania during the post-transition period mainly because of the increased mortality in men, as female life expectancy at birth remained stable at about 70 years old (Cockerham, & Cockerham, 2010). This was mainly attributed to increase in disorders of the digestive systems and circulatory systems such as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). In Romania, there was a decrease in mortality from other causes, but HIV/AIDS played a key role in increasing mortality of women, children, and mean.


Cockerham, G. B., & Cockerham, W. C. (2010). Health and globalization. Cambridge: Polity Press.

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