Globalization Argumentative Essay

Globalization Argumentative Essay
Globalization Argumentative Essay

Globalization Argumentative Essay

Globalization Argumentative Essay question: Is development best achieved by being for, or against, globalization?

write a 2500 word Globalization Argumentative Essay.

The essay provides students with an opportunity to develop their research skills and apply their knowledge to important empirical and theoretical questions relating to current themes of Political Economy of Development. You are expected to organise and analyse research materials, present information and assess competing explanations from primary and secondary sources.

Books could use for ref:

  • Bates, R. H. (2015) Prosperity and Violence: The Political Economy of Development, New York: WW. Norton & Co.
  • Bush, R. (2007). Poverty and Neoliberalism: Persistence and Reproduction in the Global South. London: Pluto
  • Callinicos, A. (2015) Imperialism and Global Political Economy, Polity.
  • Collier, P. (2017) The Bottom Billion: Why the Poorest Countries are Failing and What Can be Done About It, Oxford: OUP.
  • Hopper, P. (2016) Understanding Development, London: Polity.
  • Easterly, W. (2018) Elusive Quest for Growth, Cambridge: MIT Press.
  • Kiely, R. (2018) The New Political Economy of Development: Globalisation Imperialism and Hegemony, London: Palgrave.
  • Sachs, J. (2015), The End of Poverty, New York: Penguin.
  • Keily, R. (2015), Empire in the Age of Globalisation: US Hegemony and Neoliberal Disorder, Pluto Press.
  • Rodrik, D. (1997), Has Globalization Gone Too Far? Washington D.C.: Institute for International Economics.
  • Stiglitz, J. (2006), Making Globalization Work, London. Allen Lane
  • Wolf, M. (2005), Why Globalization Works, Yale Nota Bene.
  • United Nations Development Programme 1990-2005. Human Development Report. UNDP: Geneva. Available at
  • Wade, R. (2014), “Is globalization reducing poverty and inequality?” World Development 32: 567-89.
  • World Bank 2000-2015. World Development Report. Oxford University Press: Oxford. Available at

Criteria for grading assessed work will include the following:

Structure and Quality of Argument

  • Is the essay plan stated in the introduction?
  • Is the overall structure of the argument clear and coherent?
  • Are the points made in a logical sequence?
  • Is the argument sufficiently analytical?
  • Is there a conclusion?
  • Does the conclusion address the essay question directly?
  • Is the conclusion adequately supported by the preceding argument?

Use of Evidence

  • Are the points made supported by evidence from cited sources?
  • Are the sources drawn on sufficient and appropriate?
  • If empirical evidence is used, is it described clearly and in appropriate detail?
  • Are tables, graphs, figures, clearly numbered and titled, as well as source provided?
  • Does the evidence presented support the conclusions reached?
  • Is the interpretation of the evidence presented appropriately qualified (i.e. avoiding overgeneralisations and sweeping statements)


  • Is the author’s argument adequately backed up rather than just asserted?
  • Are the sources used subjected to analysis and critical reflection?
  • Has the student researched the topic sufficiently?
  • Are there any important omissions?
  • Has the student thought about what they have read or simply reproduced material from sources?
  • Is there evidence of critical thinking or an original synthesis?
  • Has the student gone beyond the essential reading?

Writing and Presentation Skills

  • Is the essay referenced correctly?
  • Are quotations identified and fully referenced?
  • Are the ideas presented fully credited?
  • Is there any evidence of plagiarism?
  • Is the essay fluent and readable?
  • Is the grammar and spelling adequate?
  • Has the writer made an effort to use their own words?

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