Group Project on any Burger Company

Group Project on any Burger Company Organization
The aim of this group project is to develop a student’s interactive working techniques in order to enhance student learning of course content.


Group Project on any Burger Company
Group Project on any Burger Company

The Group Project is a major piece of work in this course. The Group Project is intended to increase awareness and understanding of the nature and significance of
strategic behaviour of companies within a changing global environment through knowledge gained from reading the textbook and supplementary materials, lecture notes, and materials gathered on the subject by group members and peer discussions.

Facilitator Group Project on any Burger Company

The total number of students in the group will depend on the number of students enrolled in the course. However, the total number of students assigned to a
group will be no more than five (5). Each group is to appoint a Group Facilitator by the start of Week 5, 8 October 2013, and the group facilitator is to
inform the Course Co-ordinator via email to confirm his/her appointment as Group Facilitator. The Group Facilitator is to steer the discussion during the
course. This does not preclude other group members from communicating with the Course Coordinator. Should any issues arise, it is important that group
members discuss within the group environment via Group Discussion Board prior to the contacting the Course Co-ordinator. If issues cannot be resolved, any
group member is permitted to contact the Course Coordinator.
Given the nature of this assessment task, i.e. group project, it is important that members of the group moderate each other to ensure members make worthwhile
and fair contribution to the write-up. Group members are strongly encouraged to delegate tasks early and have regular discussions. If a member is not making
a fair contribution to the project, in the opinion of other group members, then the group should attempt to resolve the matter by encouraging them through
supportive email reminders and if not resolved the matter should be referred to the Course Coordinator for immediate action. Should you seek clarification on
the group project, you may contact the Course Coordinator directly or post your query on the Discussion Board on Blackboard.
The Group Facilitator is to appoint sub-groups to discuss aspects of the project. In the end, the Group Facilitator is to submit the Group Project via
Turnitin on Blackboard on the due date. Please indicate on the front page of the cover sheet the word count and list of students with student number that
contributed to the group project. Marks may be deducted for assignments that are substantially over or below the 10% range.
14.22 Requirement for the Group Project
Your group will have to select a company anywhere in the world and prepare a report of 3000 words (±10%), excluding appendices and references. The report
must address, among others, the following broad questions within the context of the assigned company:
• How is the global market environment impacting on the structure, conduct and performance of the company?
• To what extent does price or non-price competition erode the profitability of the company?
• To what extent does the actual or threat of potential entry erode the profitability of the company?
• To what extent does competing products from outside the company erode the profitability of the company?
• To what extent does this company have economic power to charge higher prices? Here, you should focus on the market structure within which the company you
selected operates.
• What strategies have the company used to remain competitive in the ever changing global economy?
In writing the report, students are encouraged to access information on the company via internet. The group report should be well structured and written as a
Business Report on the company. The report should have a one-page executive summary, and this should be of sufficient standard that it could be presented to
Senior Management or Board of Directors of the company. The Group Project is not simply a summary of published material on the company website but rather a critical review of developments within the company. Refer to ‘Report Writing’ in the NGSB Student Manual for guidance.
All citations are to be provided using in-text citations (e.g. Smith 1999), with full details of all references used placed at the end of the report. (Please
refer to the Student Manual for further details about referencing.) Note that ‘URLS’ are to be confined to the reference list, and are not to appear in any
citation in the body of report. Importantly, no anonymous sources are to be used. You can use newspapers and broadcast media report, provided these are referenced correctly. For example, if you refer to a broadcast relevant to your industry topic, then cite the name of the program, broadcast station,
presenter’s name if known, and date of the broadcast.

Group Project on any Burger Company Student Manual

Refer to the Student Manual if unclear or contact the lecturer.
Tables, Diagrams and Graphs are encouraged and may either be provided as appendices or embedded in the body of the work. In general, tables should be
provided as appendices, unless a particular table is very relevant to a point being made in the text; for example, summarizing descriptive information about
the growth of the company. The report must have a structure, follow a logical sequence, and have a professional layout. Appendices should be labeled A, B, C
etc. and be included at the end of the report. The style, or ‘tone’ of the report should be ‘business-like’ and clearly set out.
12.23. Group presentation
Each group is to make a brief group presentation around Week 9 and
Week 10 in class on its chosen topic. The purpose of this group presentation is to provide an outline of the Group Project, detailing the issues to be
discussed in the report. There will be a 15 minute presentation followed by a 5-10 minute discussion.
12.24 The assessment of the Group Project.
• Group Projects will be graded out of 30%.
• Each group member is to complete a self and peer assessment via the Self and Peer Assessment Resource Kit (SPARK) to be made available via Blackboard at
least 24 hour prior to submission of the Group Project. A folder will be created on Blackboard with instructions on how to access and use SPARK.
• Each Group Member is to complete their self and peer assessment by the due date to be posted on Blackboard.
• Each group project will be given a mark out of 30.

Group Project on any Burger Company Assessment Criteria

This mark is then moderated by the SPARK assessments so that each group member will receive an
individual mark out of 30, which becomes the official mark for the group project.
• The assessment criteria for SPARK are:
o Preparation
o Ability to lead and promote discussion
o Reliability in meeting deadlines
o Substance of contribution
o Ability for source information
o Ability to integrate information
o Ability to communicate clearly in writing
o Ability to motivate others
o Enthusiasm
o Ability to work with others
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