Growth businesses are different Assignment

Growth businesses are different
Growth businesses are different

Growth businesses are different

Discuss critically this statement
Why most observers and virtually all politicians think that creating more new businesses is a ?good idea?, their views are often conditioned by the idea that
all new businesses grow and create employment and other forms of economic and social benefit. In reality, it is a small minority of businesses that grow
significantly and create the majority of economic and other benefits.

Using library resources to explore the existing literature, discuss the above statement in a rigorous fashion. Explore where there is consensus or conflict
among academic researchers. Finally, come to your own considered view (supported by appropriate evidence/readings) as to the validity or invalidity of the statement.

We are interested that you research appropriate literature in exploring this question. Thus, we would suggest that a review of academic literature would be
of some value. Key findings should appear in your essay. You can still read the summaries of technical literature in order to get an idea of the findings
even if the methods appear too complex for you to understand fully.

High quality academic journals that you might wish to look at would include (but should
not be restricted to):

  • Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
  • Journal of Business Venturing
  • Journal of Small Business Management International
  • Small Business Journal Organizational Science
  • Small Business Economics

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