Hamlet Extended Writing Prompts Term Paper

Hamlet Extended Writing Prompts
 Hamlet Extended Writing Prompts

Hamlet Extended Writing Prompts

Choose three of the six prompts to respond to. In your answer include on piece of support from the last story from our personal experience. Also make sure that have at least two compound sentences, two complex sentences, and two compound-complex sentences. Underline or highlight and label them.

Questions are based off the story of Hamlet

  1. How common do you believe the act of revenge is in everyday life? Write about specific incidents, including any in which you were involved or witnessed.
  2. Have you or has anyone you have know ever seen or claimed to have witnessed some kind of supernatural being? Explain the circumstances surrounding the event. Do you believe in the supernatural? Explain
  3. Write about a time when you discovered that someone was purposely plotting against you for some reason. Explain the situation —how you felt, and how it turned out.

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