Harvard’s Gender Action Portal (GAP) Assignment

Harvard’s Gender Action Portal (GAP)
   Harvard’s Gender Action Portal (GAP)

Harvard’s Gender Action Portal (GAP)

The final paper will be based on Harvard’s Gender Action Portal (GAP), http://gap.hks.harvard.edu/. The GAP provides scientific evidence—based on experiments in the field and in the laboratory—on the impact of policies, strategies and organizational practices aimed at closing gender gaps in the areas of economic opportunity, politics, health, and education to help translate research into action and take successful interventions to scale. Pick one area of focus from the GAP and write a 5-7 page paper summarizing the interventions and their implications for policy. The paper will also discuss an evidence-based policy that is based on the interventions included in the GAP.

Grading will be based on the following components:

  1. Description of the problem you are trying to solve.
  2. Integrative summary of the interventions that are included in the GAP.
  3. Policy statement (s).
  4. The detailed discussion of the application of your policy (i.e., what does this look like if implemented).
  5. Barriers to implementing your policy.


5-7 pages, typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12pt font, cover page (not included in the page count), reference page (use APA Style for the in-text citations and the reference page).

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