Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment Project

Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment Project Select a serious workplace hazard with which you are familiar, or use Steps 1 and 2 of the Hazard Analysis and Risk
Assessment Guide on page 114 of the course textbook to help you select one. Use Steps 3-10 of the guide to evaluate the hazard and its associated risks, and then click here to access the Unit IV Hazard Analysis/Risk Analysis Project Form.
Please note that you will have to save a copy in order to fill out the form using the ?Add Text? tool.
To complete the Initial Risk Assessment and Post Control Risk Assessment sections, use the following codes based on
the Risk Assessment Matrix in Table 11 of the textbook:

Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment Project

1 Catastrophic
2 Critical
3 Marginal
4 Negligible
PROBABILITY (Likelihood of Occurrence):
A Frequent
B Probable
C Occasional
D Remote
E Improbable
H High
S Serious
M Medium
L Low

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