History of a Legal Organization Essay Paper

History of a Legal Organization
 History of a Legal Organization

History of a Legal Organization

The purpose of this paper is to explore the micro impacts and purpose behind a major legal organization impacting businesses today. When organizations are put into place they have an impact both on the employees, employers, and company as a whole. In this paper explore the purpose in creating the organization, what laws they have impacted and critically think about how their role might change or be modified through time.

The instruction is down below.

The paper should be focused around one organization. I do want the law cited. And remember this paper is about why it was created. This needs to be a historical reflection. It also needs to connect back to the impact on business.

The topic for this essay is “Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – Enforces laws and regulations of food, medical devices, cosmetics, and drugs”

Write this paper in the following sections. Use a heading to indicate each section.

Introduction: Present your topic. Briefly discuss why the organization is important to businesses today.
Intent/Purpose of the organization Research the purpose of the organization. Start with why they were created? How was the role defined?

Legal Governance: What rules or laws have been created by the organization? Clearly presented the rules and discuss the implications.

Application of rules: What court cases have challenged these rules or further defined these rules? Find at least two examples of cases where the organization has had to have some role.

Moving forward: Based on your findings and understanding of the world today -how might the law evolve? change? modify?

Criteria for assessment of this paper:

  • Knowledge of the organization
  • Knowledge of the Historical Purpose of the organization
  • Knowledge of the relevant laws
  • Writing/ Organization / Presentation of Ideas
  • Ability to Critically Think about the topic / Understanding goes below the  surface level

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