History, US and Soviet Union Essay Paper

History, US and Soviet Union
      History, US and Soviet Union

History, US and Soviet Union

Select one of the two following questions to answer in 5-6, typed pages, using 12-point font. In your essay, you need to develop your own, educated argument and use specific examples/facts from the assigned readings and the module lectures to illustrate your points. Remember: this is an exam, so discussing it with your peers is not allowed.

How and why did relations between the two wartime allies, the United States and the Soviet Union, deteriorate at the end of World War II? Why did the United States adopt containment and what were its consequences for U.S. foreign policy? In your answer, define containment; discuss its supporters and critics; and show its effects on policy and defense strategy through 1950.

Times New Roman, Double Spaced, 12 size Font.

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