Homer’s Iliad and Pomeroy Assignment Paper

Homer's Iliad and Pomeroy
Homer’s Iliad and Pomeroy
Homer’s Iliad and Pomeroy

Homer’s Iliad and Pomeroy

First, read the Iliad Book 1 and Pomeroy pp. 50-57. Then, write answer one of the questions below in 150-400 words total, making at least two specific citations of lines from the text. Please don’t quote more than 2-3 lines at a time

One of the most important values for Homeric Heroes is “time” or honor/value. Time was both 1) honor in the modern sense of trustworthiness and uprightness and also 2) value, a measurable amount of wealth in the form of prizes won in battle, such as gold and silver vessels and tripods, racehorses, chariots, and even women and entire cities. Without value, you had no time. With this in mind:
1. What is the difference in opinion between Achilles and Agamemnon about one another’s time?
2. What are some of their arguments?
3. Whom do you agree with? Achilles or Agamemnon?
ï When you cite the text, pick out a few words or a short phrase to analyze. This will make your argument stronger, because your evidence will be more specific.

ï As you analyze a speech, ask what does this person want to argue? How is this reflected in the words used? Also, what does he/she reveal about him/herself in the words that he/she uses?
ï Be critical. Is the Speaker’s argument as good as he thinks? Why? What might he be missing?

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