How Achebe Life Influenced His Work

How Achebe Life Influenced His Work – Referring to and quoting secondary sources and primary texts, amply discuss what you have learned about your chosen author(Chinua Achebe); a brief biography/background, influences, and the style and themes of your author’s work(s).

How Achebe Life Influenced His Work
How Achebe Life Influenced His Work

Discuss how this author’s life has influenced his/her writing/style. This paper is NOT to be a biography alone; compare works to some aspect of his/her life. Literary Techniques– discuss not only what the writer writes about (themes for example), but also how he or she employs specific literary techniques to bring said themes to life. In other words, this essay does not focus solely on the author’s biography, but also on the works, techniques, themes, and style of his/her writing. Form– This paper should be 6 pages (not including the works cited page), double-spaced, and written in 12 point font. Do not forget to include a title (do not include a title page; use MLA headings). Sources– Include works cited page with your final research paper.

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