How Apple leverage its competitive advantage

How Apple leverage its competitive advantage
How Apple leverage its competitive advantage

How Apple leverage its competitive advantage in the international market

The new phone products that are widely attributed to IPhone
The iPhone is a portable device that features a combination of mobile phone and widescreen iPod and an internet device. The phone is rectangular shaped and filled with touch screen on the entire front surface. All functions of this phone are activated by touch but when the user brings the phone closer to the face, the touch screen is turned off by the proximity sensor to prevent a face dial. It can provide the user with a full-screen web-browsing service, a multi-touch screen, and other essential applications such as wireless streaming of videos on YouTube and Google Maps (Rayna & Striukova, 2014). The gadget runs on a Mac OS X and it has the capacity to download movie and music. Unlike the common smartphones that present websites in mobile version, the iPhone present the full website version. The main disadvantage of the initial versions this phone is low speed but current versions now have a third generations (3G) broadband capacity.

International presence and different entry modes of the iPhone

IPhone entry mode in the international market was facilitated through partnership with the region’s dominant Communication and Technology firms. In the United States, AT&T, the largest wireless phone company with over 58 million subscribers sold the iPhone to its customers in early 2000s and no other American company was able to sell the phone to uses until 2009. Through the partnership Cingular (AT&T’s parent company), Apple was able to develop breakthrough features such as visual voicemail (Kooti, et al, 2017). This service enabled the users to see voicemail messages in a single list and select which to listen to in any order instead of following the order like it is the case with most mobile subscribers. Apple also partnered with Yahoo, the largest email service in the world by then, to provide push-email service. This feature instantly forward emails from the server to the client and was only available with BlackBerry phones which charged clients for email services. Apple also created a partnership with the other technological firms in America such as Google in providing the users with live navigation through Google Maps and video streaming through You Tube.

In East Asia, IPhone successfully managed to penetrate the market because this was its main manufacturing base. Most of its success was through the help of Taiwanese companies that were known to the investors and consumers (Lin & Yazdanifard, 2014). In addition, Apple does not manufacture its products but instead outsource manufacturing specialists with extensive operations in China to assemble parts designed the Apple way.

In Europe, the company has entered three countries through a partnership with Vodafone, France Telecom, T-Mobile, Deutche Telcom, and Telefonica as the main iPhone carriers. Although the company did not make significant entry due to the fragmented market in Europe, it was able to penetrate the European market significantly.
How Apple leverage its competitive advantage in the international markets

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