How to Replace a Faulty Fan in PC Introduction

How to Replace a Faulty Fan in PC Introduction

Read the article “How to install (or replace) a case fan” by Marco Chiappetta at

How to Replace a Faulty Fan in PC Introduction
How to Replace a Faulty Fan in PC Introduction

As its name implies the article talks about how to install or replace a case fan in your PC. It talks about identifying faulty fans, what you need to know before installing a fan, choosing the right fan, among other things, before explaining how to install/replace the fan.

These instructions are okay, but definitely, have room for improvement.

How to Replace a Faulty Fan in PC Introduction Instructions

For this assignment, you will write a set of technical instructions on how to replace a faulty fan in a PC, based upon this article. Review the “Technical Instructions” slides from class, the additional help document available on Brightspace, as well as the textbook.

  1. The technical instructions must tell the reader how to replace the case fan, not how to buy the new one.
  2. Your audience is familiar with the appropriate tools but has never replaced a fan.
  3. Create the first three sections of the document yourself (“Summary”, “Purpose”, and “Tools and Materials”). Pictures of the various materials/tools required are useful in the third section.
  4. Copy whatever information and images you need for the “Steps” section from the article.
  5. Give proper credit by citing this article at the beginning of the “Steps” section using the APA

style. This can be something along the lines of “These instructions are based upon…” with a proper APA in-text citation for the article.

  1. Add an APA references page to the end of the document.
  2. Base your steps on the article, but do not just copy it verbatim. The article is a different sort of

document from technical instructions. As such, it has a lot of extra words that are not appropriate

in technical instructions.

  1. Fix any problems with instructions that are incorrectly written, and/or information, precautions,

figures, etc. that are incorrectly positioned, named, etc.

  1. This is a technical document. Make sure any illustrations are formatted and anchored properly in

the text of the steps.

  1. Make sure your entire document adheres to the CRAP design principles.
  2. Create a PDF of your document.
  3. Submit the PDF into the “Writing Assignment #4” folder on Brightspace.

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