Human Nature by Joel Kupperman

Human Nature by Joel Kupperman
     Human Nature by Joel                        Kupperman

Human Nature by Joel Kupperman

Please answer both of the following questions. Each answer should be a minimum of 750 words and should utilize to the highest degree possible the assigned readings for the course (Human Nature by Joel Kupperman), (Think: An Introduction to Philiosophy by Simon Blackburn) and From Plato to Derrida edited by Baird. Citations should not exceed 25% of your total word count. For maximum credit, each essay should include at least eight (8) citations to different pages of the assigned readings and/or From Plato to Derrida. Put differently, your exam should be a total (minimum) of 1500 words (750 per essay), with a total of sixteen (16) citations from the assigned readings and/or From Plato to Derrida (8 per essay). All citations must include quotation marks and page numbers. Both essays combined total 350 points.

  1. Based upon your thinking and reading in this course, what are some of the benefits of philosophy? Put differently, what are some of the benefits of thinking reflectively? State some of these, and how they can be beneficial. How could philosophy be beneficial in the study of other subjects?
  2. Remember that philosophy is a discipline that investigates all areas of life, so nothing, per se, is beyond its scope. Name three philosophical problems that you think are important, and explain why you think they are important. (Some examples: Love, death (mortality), natural and moral evil, the existence of God, religious fanaticism/fundamentalism, global warming, education, health care, abortion, euthanasia, gun control, capital punishment, armed conflict/war, human rights, food and water insecurity, overpopulation, racism/sexism, environmental concerns, freedom and democracy, technological overreach, cyber surveillance, addiction, terrorism.

Write your own philosophical poem, hip-hop rhyme, country song, or short essay. Don’t hold back.

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