Human Resource Case Study Assignment

Human Resource Case Study
              Human Resource Case Study

Human Resource Case Study


Kathy Kraven is the CEO and president of Legal Solutions, Inc. She oversees the company’s two divisions—Human Resources and Litigation. The Human Resources division provides legal services to personnel departments at various clients who need help creating personnel policies and manuals. The Litigation division provides legal services to support clients in litigation. Litigation often asks for help from Human Resources when faced with issues surrounding personnel policies but also has the option of seeking help outside the firm. Currently, Human Resources is below capacity and uses variable cost as its price for providing services to Litigation.

Since each division is evaluated by how much profit it generates, Human Resources would like to increase the price charged to Litigation. Litigation is steadfast against any such change. Kathy Kraven has stepped in and established the following policy: effective immediately, Human Resources will charge Litigation variable costs plus 20 percent for any services rendered internally.

1.Why is the Human Resources division manager concerned about the price it charges to Litigation?
2.Why is the Litigation division manager concerned about an increase in price charged by the Human Resources division?
3.Do you think Kathy’s plan is effective? Explain.
What other options are available for establishing transfer pricing?

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