Human Resource Discussion Questions

Human Resource Discussion Questions
  Human Resource Discussion Questions

Human Resource Discussion Questions

I need you to answer three questions. Each question has to be answered in one paragraph. Please write your own opinion, you don’t need to search for it. Also, number the final answer of the questions and the responses.

1-Briefly, present the business case for organizations to maximize the health and safety of their workforce. What are the benefits to the individual and to the organization? How do we know?

2-What can organizations do to promote health, fitness, and psychological adaptation in their employees? — consider the design of jobs, leadership approaches, organizational culture, organization policies, etc.

3-Psychological and physical stressors at work can have profound implications for the individual as well as the organization as a whole. First, what are major sources of stress for you at work? What are the “results” of that stress you have experienced or seen in others?

Also, i need you to response to these:
1- Having a teamwork posse a good health and wellness is an important force point. Leading a strong team capable to give more effort is better than leading a group of employees suffer from illnesses. Organizations are responsible to prepare security and comforts means in the work environment. In addition, organizations should develop a lot of medical care programs beside recreation centers, and social clubs. Moreover, the expansion in introducing nutrition services and providing sports club is a
supporting idea towards the health improvement for employees. Furthermore, it creates more loyalty and belongings in the spirits of employees.

2- Most of individuals form unofficial organizing designs their communication and relations in manners, which may affect the work efficiency positively or negatively. One of the positive cases, which indicate the individuals as a one team and support each member, is distress time. During illness, death, accident, and other disasters. Individuals stand and supporting with money, service, and work. In addition, successful administrations at organizations give the employees medical care, sport and social club; employee’s children school fees participation. Furthermore, there are several means of motivations, which encourage employees to do their best. Good salaries and other benefits, which allow the employee to live a comfortable life, are very important for them. Moreover, his feeling with job security and self esteemed are important psychological needs help him to get ride of all kinds of stresses because he or she can finds themselves are achieving their dreams.
Therefore, leadership category, which erupt the motivation, is a successful leadership. Organization top management sets up the concept and targets for the organization and for each department and employee. Policies are the group of rules which lead to targets achievement. Procedures, the group of rules, which help in carrying out the policies. At last a group of programs design the limited time for procedures. Each organization sets up goals, policies, procedures, and programs which suit it work
environment, culture, and its history.

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