Human Resource Manager and Management

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Leading and managing organisational change

Human Resource Manager and Management
Human Resource Manager and Management

The HR leader may be faced with developing strategies to respond to organisational change, or he or she may have the opportunity to promote and lead an organisational change initiative. Some types of significant structural change, such as those brought on by restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, or downsizing, hold both challenges and opportunities. ‘We buy companies to get excellent people’ said Mark Zuckerberg in 2010 to sum up Facebook’s acquisition strategy (Goldberg & Lobb, 2012, p.2). Organisational growth, talent management and business performance can all be enhanced through change initiatives and can present a real opportunity for HR to add value; at the same time, not all staff may experience these changes as positive. For this Key Concept Exercise, you will examine the role of the HR professional in planning for and managing change.

Human Resource Manager and Management Reference

Goldberg, L. G. & Lobb, A. (2012) ‘The Facebook IPO litigation’, Harvard Business School, 9, June, pp.1–23.

Think of an organisation in which you’ve worked, or which you know well, which has gone through a significant structural or other type of organisational change. Consider what the implications of these changes were, or might have been, for the HR leader(s) of the organisation.
Analyse the role of the HR leader(s) in the organisational change example you chose. In your analysis, connect concepts from your readings about organisational change and HRM to your experiences and observations.

In formulating your essay, consider the following questions:

What did the HR leader(s) do to lead and/or manage the organisational change?
How do the HRM approaches used to address the change reflect theories, models, or other thinking about the role of HRM in organisational change from your readings? How do they diverge from ideas evident in your readings?

1)The answer must raise appropriate critical questions.

2)The answer must include examples from aviation experience or the web with references from relevant examples from real aviation companies. I prefere example from Qatar Airways, Etihad airline, Emireates airline, Al Arabia Airline.

3)Do include all your references, as per the Harvard Referencing System,

4) Please don’t use Wikipedia web site.

5) I need examples from peer-reviewed articles or researches.

Note:To prepare for this essay please read the required articles that is attached

Human Resource Manager and Management Sample Answer

Change in any organization is inevitable and, therefore, it is crucial for a human resource manager (HRM) to have the skills to manage the changes that occur within an organization. The market trends are ever changing and, thus, to keep up with these trends, an organization requires appropriate realignments which are the role of a HRM. In essence, the HRM is the change forerunner and needs to take complete duties of the entire process of the scheduling and effecting the changes within an organization. The HRM would have to change the HR utilities in order for an organization to compete favorably and sustainably in the market (Charles, 2012, p.22).

In the face of change, the success of an organization lies in the effective planning of the HRM department. The effective HRM planning guarantees that the organization always have an assortment of competencies ready to discharge their skills on vital job opportunities (Chris, 2009, p.67). An organization that lacks an efficient HRM department will not have the capabilities to recruit proficient entrants that will match the required job positions. The best example of the role of HRM in leading and managing organizational changes can clearly be exhibited from the Etihad Airlines whose HRM department has been the main reason for its continued success.

According to James Hogan, the Etihad Airlines president, the major success of the organization in the recent years is chiefly because of its competent HRM staffs. James attributes this success to the HRM department, because of how the team has managed the transitions resulting from the adoption of the new technology in enhancing customers’ experience and satisfaction. The president of the organization appreciates the level of competence exhibited by the team of the HR management department in such a way that it never had significant impact on the organizational affairs (James, 2012, p.13).

The question that most HRM novices would ask is just how the Etihad Airline HRM department was able to lead their workforce into embracing such major changes successful? According to James, who also happen to be among the chief executive managers of the organization, the process registered success because of the awareness initiative the HRM team started much earlier before the idea was fully implemented. The HRM department was well aware of the challenges that a change in the system would impact (James, 2012, p.22). The education program entailededucating of the staff crews both in handling the new technology system that the airline intended to adopt and dispensing the fears associated with change among its workers. This move was in attempts to warrant the workers that they was not going to be any layoff of workers as well as sensitizing them that the change was meant to improve efficiency in the service provision to the customers.

These program can be viewed as both a strategic and operational changes. The education carried out was in line with the objective of the organization objectives of sustainable job opportunities by avoiding instances of laying off of worker due to lack of the competencies that would have been required thereafter the changes were effected. Additionally, it can also be viewed as operational planning because it would involve use of the new technology in the operations of the organization (Dan, 2004, p.15). However much the process was successful, there were challenges encountered, the major one being the fear of competence and the threat to status. Nonetheless, these problems were well solved by the sensitization approach used by the HRM department of the Etihad Airlines.

From the foregoing, the Etihad Airline seemed to have employed the Lewin model in managing the change. The model has three major steps namely: unfreezing, changing and refreezing (Jan, 2010, p.77). From the Etihad Airlines, the unfreezing process was utilized in the earlier sensitization and awareness creation program that prepared the workers for the change. The second process of change, was done by effecting the use of new technology into its operations. For example, the use computerized security scanning systems for checking passengers. The final stage of the Lewin model ensued with the full operations of the technology in the Etihad Airline system to provide services to its customers.

Human Resource Manager and Management Reference

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