Human Resources Management Assignemnt

Human Resources Management
  Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit. This toolkit needs to be represented to cater to students of all ages to identify their preferred learning style.

Please follow the following contents:

  1. Introduction

1.1 Aim of toolkit

1.2 Reason for the toolkit

1.3 Beneficiaries & stakeholders

  1. Learning Styles

2.1 Define learning styles

2.2 List and define each learning styles

2.3 Give scenarios of for each

  1. Challenges among different ethnicities

3.1 Trends shown in how different ethnicities learn

3.2 Case studies – show that these learning styles are effective in these ethnicities

  1. Findings

4.1 Secondary Research

4.2 Conclusions of what has been discovered

  1. Recommendations

5.1 How to identify learning styles

5.2 Activities suitable for each learning style

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