Individual Biblical Integration Essay Paper

Individual Biblical Integration
Individual Biblical Integration

Individual Biblical Integration

The purpose of the individual biblical integration paper is to explore the topic of servant leadership in a non-exhaustive manner. Your research will then be joined with your group paper to form a work that will be useful in your future field of work.

• You will submit a 750-word paper assessing servant leadership from a biblical perspective. You must ensure that the paper is exactly 750 words.

• The paper must include citations from Scripture, the required readings from the course, the lectures, and all presentations that pertain to a biblical perspective on servant leadership (found in the Reading & Study folders in Modules/Weeks 1–3).

• There must be at least 10 references in your paper based on each item in the Reading & Study folder in Modules/Weeks 1–3 (the Duby article, the lectures (audio or PowerPoint), all presentations including both Fischer presentations, all articles, Blanchard and Hodges, Blanchard et al., and Scripture).

• The individual paper must cover the following topics:

  1. A biblical analysis of the key ideas associated with Greenleaf’s servant leadership perspective.
  2. A biblical foundation for servant leadership.

• Current APA guidelines must be followed, including the use of a running head, title page, abstract page, reference page, etc.

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