Individual Report Analyzing the Entrepreneur

Individual Report Analyzing the Entrepreneur Assignment is about identifying the critical capabilities, of enterprising people e.g. Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs or Captains of Industry.

Individual Report Analyzing the Entrepreneur
Individual Report Analyzing the Entrepreneur

You are to choose an Entrepreneur, Intrapreneur or Captain of Industry from any industry that you have an interest in; then, with reference to the various academic theories, models and associated literature you are to critically analyze your chosen enterprising individual identifying the key traits which you feel have been instrumental in the development and success of your chosen enterprising person; examples of which could be: entrepreneurial intent, entrepreneurial aspirations and/or entrepreneurial skill sets.

In researching your chosen enterprising individual you are to provide full justification for your chosen methodology for collecting information relating to your chosen person e.g. primary or secondary research, note you should make reference to appropriate research methodology.

Your final assignment should be no more than 3000 words in length, excluding executive summary, tables, figures, references, and appendices.

Assignment Marking Scheme:

  1. The Enterprising Individuals Story, a detailed description of your chosen enterprising individual journey to success, this should include relevant background information relating to who they are where they came from and how they came to create the organization they may own/manage or have created. [20%]
  2. Theory and Frameworks, this section should introduce some of the background theory on entrepreneurship and introduce the framework model(s) you will use to analyze your chosen Enterprising Individual (e.g. Bolton and Thompson FACETS model). [15%]
  3. Research, Application and Analysis, a detailed description of the methods you have used to collect information about your enterprising individual, together with the results of the analysis from the application of model(s)/framework you have used to analyze your enterprising individual. [50%]
  4. Conclusions and Limitations, a set of detailed conclusion relating the outcome of your analysis on your enterprising individual together with an appraisal of the limitations of your research approach. [15%]

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