Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Industrial and Organizational Psychology The purpose of this paper is to apply your understanding of I/O psychology to a specific job and organization.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Industrial and Organizational Psychology

The organization and job may be a place that you, family member, friend, etc. is currently working. If this job is not one you hold (or held in the recent past), you must “interview” the current job holder to collect the requested information.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology Paper Requirements

Your paper should be based on material from the class and the textbook. You are expected to write a 7-10 page (not counting a title page) double-spaced paper with 1-inch margins that integrates relevant topics and theories from I/O psychology. Conclude your paper with some suggested changes for the organization. Do not make this paper personal and simply a gripe session about your job. Your paper should be more like an independent objective report.

Use relevant terms from the text and class in your paper, but be sure to cite the text or any other source, or use quotation marks if you use exact definitions or phrases. Some issues and questions that you should or might address in your paper include (*required for paper):

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

*Describe the overall organization or company (1 paragraph)

*Describe the specific job or position in this organization (1 paragraph)

Does this organization use a formal job analysis? If so, describe it. Is there a formal job description? (Include a complete job description if available as an appendix)

*How are candidates recruited, and selected by the organization? Do they use tests, interviews or application blanks? If so, please detail/describe the tools used.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Is there a formal job evaluation that determines the appropriate pay levels for different jobs and employees? If yes, please describe the process and pay grade system.

*What criteria are used to appraise employee performance? How are employees appraised? How often are they evaluated and by whom?

*What kinds of training/development is a part of this job? How effective is the training? How is the training effectiveness measured?

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

What are some of the specific stressors in this job?

*Which leadership theory best explains the supervisor of the job being studied? Please explain why you believe this.

*How diverse is the department this job is in? Describe some of the various groups that exist in the workplace.

How is teamwork utilized in this job? What factors affect group performance of this position?

*What employee engagement strategies are used to increase employee engagement?

*If you were a consultant, what changes would you propose for “improving” this job and/or organization?

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