Inequality Incentives Criminality and Blame

Inequality Incentives Criminality and Blame Inequality, Incentives, Criminality, and Blame by Christopher Lewis Write a 5 ñ 6 page paper on the following topic. Papers should meet all requirements outlined in the course syllabus and should be submitted via hard copy and Turnitin on Blackboard.

Inequality Incentives Criminality and Blame
Inequality Incentives Criminality and Blame

Paper Topic

In inequality, Incentives, Criminality, and Blame, Christopher Lewis argues that the disadvantaged have incentives to commit a crime, and to develop criminogenic dispositions, that limit the extent to which their co-citizens can blame them for breaking the law (153)

What does Lewis mean by this, and what is his argument for the claim? What are the implications of his view for criminal justice institutions and officials within those institutions? Does his argument show what it intends to show, and what conclusions should we draw from his points?

Otherwise asked, critically assess Lewis’s view, as developed in the above-mentioned article.

[In general, a critical assessment involves: (1) an adequate and accurate portrayal of his position and his reasoning for it; (2) identifying possible problems with his position with the aim of (3) developing a well-reasoned defense of your own view regarding his stance. You may certainly agree with Lewis’s position, but in that case, you would want to take up one or two powerful criticisms of that position and address them.

Focusing and developing your discussion with regard to a small number of issues is preferable to briefly canvassing many.]

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