Informational and Persuasive Essay

Informational and Persuasive Essay Introduction:
In this assessment you will write an essay that is both informational and persuasive on a given topic. You are not expected to have any prior research on the

Informational and Persuasive Essay
Informational and Persuasive Essay

You should be able to compose a cohesive essay using information you already know as well as ideas and preferences you already have. For the
persuasive part of the essay, your evidence or support may be in the form of examples, details, or elaboration on the idea that you present.

Informational and Persuasive Essay Topics

Note: Choose only one of the following topics for your essay.
You are planning to adopt a pet. What type of pet (dog, cat, lizard, bird, etc.) will you choose and why? Persuade a friend or relative to adopt a pet as
You considered many factors when deciding to enroll at WGU. Describe your reasons for choosing to become a WGU student, and persuade a friend to enroll at
You have decided to splurge on a dream vacation with your family. Explain why this vacation is worth the expense, and persuade your family to vacation at
your preferred location.
Explain one of your hobbies, and persuade a friend to take up this hobby.
A close friend of yours is beginning the process of adopting a child and has asked you to provide a letter of recommendation to the adoption agency that
speaks to his or her ability to provide a loving home for a child. Describe your friend, and persuade the agency that your friend would be a suitable parent.

Informational and Persuasive Essay Task

Write an essay (suggested length of 750-1,000 words) that both informs and persuades in response to one of the given topics. In your essay:
A. Organize your ideas clearly by doing the following:
1. Provide an introduction that states the purpose of your essay.
2. Provide an appropriate body that presents your main ideas with support (i.e., examples, details, or elaboration).
3. Provide an appropriate conclusion.
B. Provide detailed information about the topic.
C. Provide a persuasive argument related to the topic.
D. Use appropriate stylistic elements throughout your essay. These stylistic elements include the following:
• Voice and tone
• Word choice
• Transitions between paragraphs or main ideas
• Sentences that flow smoothly and are easy to follow
E. When you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.
Note: When bulleted points are present in the task prompt, the level of detail or support called for in the rubric refers to those bulleted points.
Note: For definitions of terms commonly used in the rubric, see the Rubric Terms web link included in the Evaluation Procedures section.
Note: When using sources to support ideas and elements in a paper or project, the submission MUST include APA formatted in-text citations with a
corresponding reference list for any direct quotes or paraphrasing. It is not necessary to list sources that were consulted if they have not been quoted or
paraphrased in the text of the paper or project.
Note: No more than a combined total of 30% of a submission can be directly quoted or closely paraphrased from sources, even if cited correctly. For tips on using APA style, please refer to the APA Handout web link included in the General Instructions section.
The essay should be in APA format (double-spaced, Times New Roman or similar font, one-inch margins) and around 750 to 1000 words long.

Informational and Persuasive Essay Rubrics and Submission

The full essay directions and rubrics are found in TaskStream. Please review these prior to submission.
Before submitting, check to see if you have completed the following:
• Have you written an essay of about 750 to 1000 words that both informs and persuades in response to one of the given prompt topics in the task directions?
• Do you express the purpose of the essay in your introduction?
• Do you include a thesis statement at the end of your introduction that reveals your persuasive argument in terms of your chosen prompt?
• Do you provide detailed information about the topic?
• Do you provide a persuasive argument related to the topic?
• Do you provide an appropriate body that presents well-developed support for your thesis (i.e., examples, details, or elaboration)?
• Do you provide an appropriate conclusion?
• Do you use appropriate stylistic elements of voice and tone?
• Do you use appropriate stylistic elements of word choice?
• Do you include appropriate transitions between paragraphs and main ideas?
• Have you double-checked your sentences to ensure they flow smoothly and are easy to follow in your essay?
• Do you appropriately cite all outside source information (if you chose to incorporate outside research) with correct APA in-text citations and a
“References” page?
• Have you read the paper aloud to identify awkward words or phrases and to discover areas of your essay that may need more development?
• Have you proofread your paper for all writing conventions?

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