Interactions of Hazardous Materials

Interactions of Hazardous Materials J VII BOS 3640, Polymers were discussed in this unit. Reflect on the dangers associated with polymeric fires and how these fires can ignite.

Interactions of Hazardous Materials
Interactions of Hazardous Materials

How will you be more cautious about the dangers of polymers in your workplace? What GHS pictograms would you expect as a precaution related to these dangers? High contents of mercury (Hg) have been found in old mining-metallurgy sites occurring widespread contamination and degradation of the land. The ability to identify the Hg species present in these areas is essential to clarify the fate of Hg and its bioavailability and additionally, to be able to parameterize remediation techniques based on thermal desorption in order to carry out full-scale decontamination of the land.

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