Intergrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) Program Evaluation SLP4

Anyone can have a program. In fact, often times one is put together on a whim without really thinking through what the goals will be or how it will be
evaluated. However, it is very important to assess the effectiveness of any program to determine if it should continue or be terminated. The military’s
Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) program will be the focus of this paper; using information from the recommended readings material, references,
and your personal research on the program answer the following questions concerning the IDES program.
1) What are the goals/objectives of the program?
2) What method of evaluation was chosen?
3) Why was this method chosen?
4) What were some of the specific steps used to evaluate the program?
5) What has the program manager discovered about the program based upon an evaluation?
Expectations: Please include a cover page, reference page, in-text citation, double space, and sub-titles (question followed by answer).

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