International business law Essay

International business law
      International business law

International business law

Federal statutes ordinarily apply to conduct that occurs only within the United States and its territories. However, some laws are deemed to be extraterritorial, that is, they apply outside the U.S.
as well as within the U.S. “Extraterritoriality”’ may apply to both civil and criminal statutes. Prepare
answers to the following questions, but do so within a well-written research paper« you need to cite case law and/or statutes to support your answers.
1. How does a federal statute become extraterritorial? In other words, what makes a statute extraterritorial? Explain.
2. Identify the kinds of laws that are extraterritorial, providing specific examples of such taws.
3. To whom do these laws apply when enforced outside the U.S.? U.S. citizens? Non-U.S. citizens? And, in which courts, and where, would enforcement take place?
4.Are there “safe harbors” for some business practices that would violate U.S. law?

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