International Laws and Norms Related To Child Labor

International Laws and Norms Related To Child Labor Additional guidance

International Laws and Norms Related To Child Labor
International Laws and Norms Related To Child Labor

Step 2: Paper # 2 will describe a) 6 of the main international Intergovernmental Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations that are concerned with the topic and how they are dealing with it generally; and b) the international laws and norms related to the issue. (Minimum 1000 words) (8pts)

International Laws and Norms Related To Child Labor Structure

Subject: Organizations, laws, and norms concerned with (insert name of your topic)

(No introduction necessary)


Name of the organization as a heading

For each organization, you must include (you can use these as subheadings) when formed, general  purpose/mission, role in relation to your topic, the kind of activities that it carries out to address your topic, any major successes or failures.

Repeat for each of your six organizations

International Laws and Norms Related To Child Labor Laws and norms

Name of the treaty, conventions, covenant, norm, regulation or guideline (make sure you have a heading for each law/norm)

For each norm or law include (you can use these as sub-headings) when created, when ratified if a treaty, number of countries that have ratified the treaty, general purpose and scope of law/norm, specific provisions relevant to your topic, significance and implications for your topic, Repeat for each law or norm that you cover

(No conclusion necessary)

Other guidance

Two additional documents are posted on Blackboard under briefing paper #2. One contains

IGOs and NGOs by topic assignments, and the other laws and norms by topic assignment.

Note the documents are not intended to be comprehensive.

However for the IGOs and NGOs that are involved in addressing your issue/topic those shown with no brackets should be included. Those in brackets are just suggestions. You need to include 6 organizations overall.

Note you must use international IGOs and NGOs working internationally. Do not use US departments or government agencies.

The number of laws and norms and the nature of those laws and norms will vary by topic, but you should try and identify a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 5. You should give priority to fully describing the laws and norms that are most relevant to your topic.

The paper should comply with APA format i.e. in-text citations and reference page. Generally, you should use a separate source for each organization and each law and the organizations’ own website should be used.

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