International Sex Slavery Essay Assignment

International Sex Slavery
             International Sex Slavery

International Sex Slavery

Article Critique:

The paper should come in two parts: 1) a critique of the existing research article, and 2) an explanation of a project you would design to follow up on the article’s findings.

1. Critique of Research Article (4-5 pages): Summarize the article’s intentions, methodology, and results, and include your own evaluation/critique. You must include the following:
a. The goal of the research (What were the authors trying to find out, test, examine, or describe? Research questions and/or hypotheses?)
b. A brief description of the methodology (Qualitative, quantitative, or both? What data did they use and how did they obtain it? How did they analyze the data?)
c. A brief description of the results (What did the authors find?)
d. Strengths of the research (What were some strong choices the authors made? How did this study address prior gaps in the literature on this topic?)
e. Weaknesses of the research (What were the major limitations? Were there any problems with the data collection, methodology, or analysis? Are there important factors the authors might have overlooked?)

2. Follow-Up Project Design (5-7 pages): Design and describe a new project that could follow up on the previous article’s findings and address its shortcomings and limitations. (This doesn’t have to be a project that you actually intend to undertake in real life—for the purposes of this assignment, assume that you can get unlimited access to data, IRB approval, funding to pay participants or research assistants, etc.). You must include:
a. A brief rationale for your project. Why does this study need to be done? What unanswered questions could it answer? How does it follow up on previous research? Make sure to explain how your study will address gaps in the literature.
b. A description of your methodology. Make sure to describe where your (hypothetical) data will come from and how you will collect it.
c. A plan of analysis, i.e., what you will do with your data once you collect it.
d. An explanation of the ways you will adhere to ethics rules in protecting your subjects from harm, using data responsibly, etc.
e. An exploration of possible applications your findings may have. How might the results of this research impact criminal justice practice or policy?

Papers should be written in APA format and should include a references section that includes both the paper you are critiquing and any other sources you cite. (You are encouraged to incorporate other sources throughout your paper. For example, you might cite a study that presents results that contradict those of the paper you are critiquing, or you might cite papers that discuss the topic in question and support why your proposed project would be worthwhile/necessary/useful.)

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