Job Analysis Project and Human Resources

Job Analysis Project and Human Resources For the second assignment of the Session Long Project, you are to create two (2) sample job descriptions for positions you are looking to fill at Trident Emergency Care Center (TECC). In creating the two descriptions, remember the TECC organizational demographics from Module 1 SLP:

Job Analysis Project and Human Resources
Job Analysis Project and Human Resources

The center’s primary patients are Spanish speaking.

The center is geographically surrounded by elderly communities (i.e. assisted-living communities).

TECC is in a rural populated area.

The three-top health related issues within a 30-mile radius of TECC are obesity, diabetes, and cancer.

Within 15 miles of TECC, there is a medical school and nursing school.

The job descriptions should be 1 page each in length and include:

Heading information should include job title, pay range, reporting relationship, and FT/PT.

The summary objective of the position ñ Lists general key competencies, responsibilities, and descriptions of the key task and their purpose, relationship to consumers and colleagues.

Qualifications ñ this should include education, experience, training, and technical skills necessary to perform the job.

Job duties and responsibilities ñ Identify the task that the role entails.

Following the two job descriptions, you are to prepare a 1-page summary covering the following:

The importance of the position/role to TECC

The value of job descriptions regarding staffing needs at TECC.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Conduct additional research to gather sufficient information to support sample job descriptions and summary.

Limit your response to a maximum of 3 pages.

Support your SLP with peer-reviewed articles, with at least 1-2 references. Use the following source for additional information on how to recognize peer-reviewed journals:

Module readings:

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