Journal Articles on Muslim in Biased Perspective

Journal Articles on Muslim in Biased Perspective The group that is being covered is Muslims This paper should be completed using APA – style citations, and all bibliography referencing journals and books (not Web sites).

Journal Articles on Muslim in Biased Perspective
Journal Articles on Muslim in Biased Perspective

Further, given the fact that even authors write journal articles and books from their own “biased perspective,” you should work to critique the material you are reviewing for stereotypes that might be lurking there also. You should be sure to use headers/subheaders to ensure that you focus your discussion and your instructor knows you are covering the required topical information:

Economic oppression: How have prejudicial beliefs and discriminatory structures operated and currently operate to keep the group in the bottom ranks of the stratification system?

Current sociodemographics: of the group: Examine the stratification position of the population in terms of material well-being, power, and prestige with attention to within-group differences (e.g., male-female differences, ability-disability differences). What are their incomes? What kinds of jobs do they tend to hold? What are the major trends in the size of the group over time? What explains increases and decreases in their numbers? How many people are in the group now? What language(s) do they speak?

For the Truth and Consequences paper, written information must demonstrate thorough research on the population in each of the areas of the assignment. Students must demonstrate sensitivity to the issues facing the oppressed group, an understanding of the need for critical self-examination, and a commitment to social justice, and an understanding of the concepts of oppression and social justice in relation to the specific population. The student must present the information in an interesting, well-organized, and creative way to maintain audience interest and to stimulate thinking.

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