Jupiter Space Mission Essay Term Paper

Jupiter Space Mission
      Jupiter Space Mission

Jupiter Space Mission

Should be gathered from NASA and any other sources. The image should be referenced in the text, not simply dropped in. Images may be embedded in text or simply included at the end.

Include a diagram of the major components of the mission, properly labelled and properly cited. (images should be treated as direct quotes for referencing and citing purposes)

Work should include the following points (though not necessarily in this order)
1. Mission Objectives
2. Major scientific instruments and what they are able to detect.
3. Diagram of probe/spacecraft (this MUST be labelled)
4. Brief timeline of mission Major goals and/or findings of the mission.
5. Other details that were unique or specific to mission (i.e. the recent Curiosity lander on Mars used a totally new system to land with, was it a first scientifically etc.)

Make sure you have included all of the info when citing – author, title, year, publisher, location. For citing websites, along with the previous information, ensure you include the actual url and the date accessed. As long as this info is included, I am not going to be picky about order and citation format.

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