Juvenile Homicide Thesis Paper Available

Juvenile Homicide
Juvenile Homicide

Juvenile Homicide

First of all the sources need to be journal articles from a specific website. the link is this:
And to get into these sources you’ll need a username and a password:So let me provide the details that my professor requires:

  • There needs to be a citation every 2 or 3 sentences which she is very strict about.
  • She does not want any personal opinion.
  • The referencing is the most important detail and all of the citation must be perfectly cited or I get a zero.
  • The professor stated that it is okay to just read the Intro, Results & the Conclusion of each article.
  • It must be 6 pages without the works cited list and the title page..
  • Last but THE MOST IMPORTANT: My thesis needs to be narrowed down to a very certain and clear claim on a topic about juvenile homicide.
    For example I thought maybe a connection between mental illness and why kids murder but please DO NOT depend on that, feel free to create a thesis based on your research, but it is VERY crucial that it is clear and narrow!

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