Language and Identity in TV show “breaking bad”

Language and Identity in TV show "breaking bad"
Language and Identity in TV show “breaking bad”

Language and Identity in TV show “breaking bad”

Specifications: Typed, 3 pages (cover the topic), double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12 point font.
Task: Begin by finding a television show “breaking bad” that uses accent in an interesting way. You will need to watch it more than once. In order
to organize the data, make a list of all the characters and the accents they have. Then decide if the characters are good, bad or mixed (both).

Next, decide what feature/personality trait the accent was meant to reinforce. Then, read the credits, find out who portrays the character and find out if they use their native accent or not (the Internet will be useful for this). You will need to figure this out for all the major characters. Lastly, write this up. You may do a movie or show in a foreign language that you speak.

Writing: Part 1 will be an introduction (why you chose the program/movie, how you approached the data). Part 2 will be your analysis of the data. What does
the use of accent mean? If the accent is not native, what features of the accent are there to make you think it is native. Do natives sound like that? What
stereotypes are evoked by the accent (positive or negative)? Part 3 is your conclusions. What does the use of accent mean to the entirety of the
program/movie? Is this good or bad or neutral in this case? How is the use of accent in film/TV a positive or negative thing?

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