Leadership Project Threshold Standards

Leadership Project Threshold Standards – Produce, to an acceptable standard, evaluation and analysis of aspects of particular leadership issues in an organization through the use of relevant leadership theory.

Leadership Project Threshold Standards
Leadership Project Threshold Standards

– Compare and contrast differing leadership styles and behaviors in an organization from differing cultural, geographic and historical perspectives.

– Produce, to an acceptable standard, an assessment of how varying leadership styles impact upon the organization and sector and systems

– Produce a critical evaluation of the impact of some leadership types upon followers.

– Reflect on some aspects of your leadership capability and needs for future personal and organizational development

Leadership Project Threshold Standards Task

You will produce a written report that critically assesses and evaluates your organisation and sector using organizational systems and structures theory (vMEME) and all the types of approaches and models of organizational strategy it contains.

Critically analyse particular leadership problems and challenges through critical evaluation and appropriate application of theory

  1. Critically evaluate how certain types of leadership/management styles differ depending on history, culture, geographic life and conditions
  2. Critically evaluate how certain types of leadership/management styles impact people performance, productivity
  3. Critically evaluate how certain types of leadership/management styles determine who will follow and how.
  4. Critically evaluate your personal leadership capabilities and critically analyze the need for future development

Through the application of Seven Leadership Mindsets Theory (vMEME) you will have a tool (and the skill) to critically assess and evaluate all types of organizational and sector theories worldviews that include USA, UK, China, European countries, India, Oman, GCC, African countries, etc. Leadership is different depending on the relevant mindset (life conditions, how humans individuals adapt to successfully compete and socio-cultural elements). Inevitably leadership mindset impacts everything in a company ñ strategy, people, performance, productivity, etc.

Leadership Project Threshold Standards Instruction

Please answer all of the following questions:

A suggested structure for the written report would include the following: This assignment can be divided into four equally weighted sections. These have been presented as four questions.

  1. Having considered the theory, research, and science, characteristics of organizations identify and assess:

The seven structures and systems present in your organization

Analyze and describe how the present Leadership Value Systems and Structures in your organization impact on leadership, management, and staff.

Consider and analyze differences to your competitors (local or global)

Consider to what extent are these differences positive points of differentiation or negative traits of the organization

  1. Now that you understand your organisation’s structure considers your organizations sector. Critically analyze:

How has your sector evolved?

In what way do they differ to your competitors (local or global?)

To what extent are these differences positive points of differentiation or negative traits of the organization?

  1. Having examined change and transformation critically assess an analyse on how to ensure your organizations continued growth and success; organizations need to undertake transformation and growth.
Leadership Project Threshold Standards

What kinds of changes are taking place in your sector and what do you believe the most successful organizations are doing to embrace the changes required to deliver continued success?

To what extent is your organization at the forefront of this transformation (or maybe it is trailing some of the best organizations in the sector). Give examples of specific actions and leadership behaviors you are seeing to underpin your view.

  1. Every organization faces challenges and problems, which can be driven by rapid growth or serious decline. Identify and critically assess:

The top two or three big issues your organization is facing

Key actions your organization needs to take to put it on a path of future sustainable success.

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