Learning Outcomes for Understanding Self and Others

Learning Outcomes for Understanding Self and Others Learning outcomes assessed within this piece of work as agreed at the programme level meeting Knowledge:

Learning Outcomes for Understanding Self and Others Essay Paper

Demonstrate an understanding of the range of personal and interpersonal skills  and knowledge required to work effectively with others
Apply a range of approaches to develop your self-awareness and self-confidence within diverse teams and contexts

Learning Outcomes for Understanding Self and Others
Learning Outcomes for Understanding Self and Others

Business Readiness outcomes assessed within this piece of work as agreed at the programme level meeting
Being an independent thinker with confidence in their own potential and values, and the ability to express their views sensitively and effectively.
Type of assessment:
Reflective Personal Development Report and plan:
Executive summary/introduction – optional/non-credit bearing
Reflective journal comprising 4 core skills from the list provided – 2000 words
Summary highlighting 3 areas for development – 500 words
Instructions for assessment
Reflective Personal Development Plan Journal (60%)
The reflective journal should consist of Four (4) entries using the template provided in Appendix A to evidence the development of your understanding of self via your engagement with the learning and activities on this module.  You will be assessed on your ability to reflect on what you have learned and the depth and breadth of your academic reading (word count 2000 words, approx. 500 words per entry).
You should:
Identify four (4) different skills or attributes which you have explored as part of this module.  (In total, there are 10 core skills, which you can select your 4 from – please see Information Box 1.)For each of the four skills/attributes you select you should:-
Define and describe the core skill/attribute
Discuss why you might possess this skill/attribute
Explore the importance of this skill/attribute and provide evidence via self-assessment tools and seminar sessions to demonstrate your current level of competence.
Identify any contradictions with regard to this skill/attribute
Identify its relevance to your future career
Evidence your wide reading and familiarity with theoretical concepts
Demonstrate your ability to reflect on practice
Summary and Action Plan (30%)
Summarise the major strengths and weaknesses that you have identified from your reflective journal entries.  Demonstrate your ability to review the current levels of competence in order to identify and address appropriate areas for development (word count 500 words).

SWOT Outline for Learning Outcomes for Understanding Self and Others

You should:
Outline your strengths and weaknesses identified from the journal entries.
Identify three (3) areas of personal development and demonstrate how you plan to deal with the development needs in preparation for year 2 of your study
Ensure that identified areas of development are linked to the reflections from your journal entries
The final 10% of marks will be awarded for the presentation and structure of your assignment and the accurate referencing of your sources using the Harvard format.
You MUST use the Harvard System

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