Left Brain or Right Brain Creativity Test

Left Brain or Right Brain Creativity Test Wk 1: Discuss 2 Remember: You may need to scroll down in order to view and complete this assignment.

Left Brain or Right Brain Creativity Test
Left Brain or Right Brain Creativity Test

Discussion Prompt: Left Brain or Right Brain Take the Right Brain vs. Left Brain Creativity Test at http://testyourself.psychtests.com/testid/3178. Note: After completing the 12 questions, you can simply scroll down past the demographic questions and click the “Score My Test” button at the bottom; you do not need to answer the questions about your gender, age, etc. Once you have completed the survey, you should receive an extensive review of your hemispheric orientation. What were your findings and what do your findings suggest about you? Do you agree or disagree? Read this article: https://www.verywell.com/left-brain-vs-right-brain-2795005 Does this change your feelings regarding the test? Why or why not? You MUST include an in-text citation and reference in your original discussion post that relates to the prompt but is not provided by the prompt. Assignment Instructions Please scroll down to the input box to type your response to the discussion prompt. After keying in your response, click the SAVE button. Once you’ve posted your initial response to the question, you can join your fellow learners in the discussion forum by clicking the “Discussion” tab on the top of the “Course Outline” page.

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