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Lesson on diabetes
Lesson on diabetes

Lesson on diabetes

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Continue to work on the lesson plan and complete the following tasks:
•Provide a purpose and rationale for selecting the lesson(s).
•Describe the philosophical or theoretical basis for teaching approaches used in the lesson.
•1 disease/3 audiences

Provided a purpose for selecting the lesson(s) and included all learners identified in Week 1.

Provided the rationale for selecting the lesson(s) and included all learners identified in Week 1.

Described the philosophical or theoretical basis for teaching approaches used in the lesson.

Supported answers with relevant examples and articles.

Writing components.


Lesson on diabetes

Importance of a diabetes lesson

Provision of patient education is vital in optimization of patient behavior and patient outcomes in terms of recovery from diabetes. Lessons on diabetes are anticipated to have a positive impact with respect to a reduction in the rate of morbidity, as well as morbidity. Additionally, same-day procedures tend to reduce the time spent by nurses on their patients. These lessons provide a holistic approach, which ensures that patients, their families, and other colleagues obtain health information that is both consistent and comprehensive.

Rationale for the diabetes lesson

Patients suffering from diabetes require comprehensive knowledge on diabetes related information. Patients also require to understand the language and means of communication with their caregivers and amongst themselves. Generally, patients suffering from diabetes require acquisition of life skills on how to cope with life in their current state of health. Diabetes lessons tend to equip the patients with knowledge and skill that are relevant in their recovery, as well as leading a healthy life (Abdul, Aliand Majeed, 2011).

Theoretical basis of teaching method

The location of the teaching facility, which is a hospital facility, prepares the patients psychologically for information that is crucial for their health. The use of books and charts is vital in prompting a practical approach to delivering instructions. Charts are known to support the information contained in literature, which has been captured in the textbooks. The opportunity to ask questions is vital in augmenting what the learners have gained throughout the lesson. Through asking questions and getting feedback, learners will build confidence in practicing what they have learned (Sanjeev, 2012).

Lesson on dinner etiquette

Importance of dinner etiquette lesson

Information on dinner etiquette is vital for responsible family members who want to lead a healthy life. Such lessons are known to cover information on the importance of eating. Additionally, information on the relevance of having dinner as a family can also be taught. Through this lesson, learners will gain information regarding the best cooking methods and the best recipes to be used in preparing a meal. Students will also gain practical knowledge of how to cook boiled rice, beef stew, and vegetables. Making of fruit salads is equally important and will also be taught.

Rationale for the etiquette lesson

Family members are required to live a happy and healthy life. Among the factors that may contribute to this outcome is the availability of good meals for the family. As such, they are required to have knowledge of how to prepare different foods. Moreover, family members require knowledge of preparing meals that conform to the guidelines of feeding on a balanced diet. Feeding on balanced diets will help family members to escape various life threatening diseases such as cardiovascular diseases (Abdul, Aliand Majeed, 2011).

Theoretical basis of teaching method

Lessons on preparation of food require a practical approach apart from learning theory. Issuance of handouts containing information of various cooking methods and preparation of recipes provide family members with a theoretical background of the various methodologies. To gain, a more practical experience, family members are required to be guided through the cooking process via visual and audio cooking sessions. To make the class more interesting, students will be given an opportunity to prepare a meal of their choice (Sanjeev, 2012).

Lesson on dinner staff training

Importance of a staff-training lesson

Staff training sessions are crucial for both employees and employers in the health care profession. Training sessions are vital in imparting the respective employees and employers with skills that are relevant to the medical profession. Normally, staff members must always be ready for any training sessions. As such, it is a requirement for them to learn and acquire new skills.

Rationale for a staff-training lesson

Development of staff members both in knowledge and practice is crucial to their career success. Staff members will always require additional basic skills to improve their performance (Abdul, Aliand Majeed, 2011).

Theoretical basis of teaching method

Teaching methods for employers and employees must embrace their social class. For this reason, a conference room at a particular health care facility or a hotel is vital for a successful training activity. This group of individuals is known to have high academic qualifications, as such they are given the opportunity, in groups, to air their views regarding the training methods applied. Additionally they are also allowed to give feedback on the relevance of the lessons they have been taught, and the skills they have acquired. To ensure their opinion counts, students are given the opportunity to determine the excellent training methods that can be applied in the health care industry (Sanjeev, 2012).


Abdul, M.M., Ali, M., & Majeed, K.A. (2011). Role of Teachers in Managing Teaching Learning Situation. Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research in Business, 3(5): 783-833.

Sanjeev, V., Curtis, W., Janet, S., Tingwei, Z., Kazuya, K. (2012). Holistic, Inclusive and Practical: Teaching plan-making at the core. The Town Planning Review 86(3): 625-645.

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