Libicki define Noise How is it Used to Defeat the Enemy

Libicki define Noise How is it Used to Defeat the Enemy The discussion for weeks five and six are combined. Here are your discussion questions for weeks 5 & 6 (pick one) : 2 pages, APA format please How does Libicki define “noise”?

Libicki define Noise How is it Used to Defeat the Enemy
Libicki define Noise How is it Used to Defeat the Enemy

How can noise be used to defeat the enemy? How can noise be used to defend pages APA format against the enemy? Give examples for each. Should another country declare a state of war prior to using Information Warfare operations, reference the Russia v Georgia conflict? Explain. If private citizens within a country act out against another country using information warfare tactics should the country from which the act is occurring take measure to find and prosecute the citizens conducting the attack? Explain. Should a government only use the state-owned assets to conduct information warfare or is including private organizations and groups acceptable? Explain U.S., Russia, China, pick one and attack one of the others. What is your goal, what resources are you planning to use, most importantly what do you think your enemy will do in response? In your opinion at what point, has a country crossed the line in an information warfare exchange and commenced conventional or some other form of warfare on another country? Explain. Read/Review Libicki, Martin, Conquest in Cyberspace, Chapter 3 PowerPoint Slides, Chapter 3 — in Course Documents, Lecture Notes FireEye Report on Chinese espionage, Russia’s Approach to Cyberwarfare Pages 3 – 26: Connell, Michael, and Vogler, Sarah: Skim: Bill Hagestead: Future of Chinese Cyber Warfare. Skim: Center for Homeland Security Emerging Cyber Threats to the United States: APT28 Report on Russia by FIREEYE APT28-Center-of-Storm-2017.pdf

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