Life on Purpose Discussion Board

Each Life on Purpose Discussion Board reply must be at least 150 words (maximum 300 words).
Response #1
Life on Purpose Discussion Board
The reading from this week has really caused me to think about how I live my life today. I have always known that God has called everyone including me to live missionary in our day to day lives, but the principles laid out in the article “Life on Purpose” really gave me some practical ways to live on purpose for God. Some of these principles are already integrated into my life while others need to be implemented. For example, as a teenager, my parents moved me and my brother to a third world country.

Opportunities for Life on Purpose Discussion Board that brings experiences

My experience overseas has led me to learn bits and pieces of multiple languages and about different cultures. Now, as a college Life on Purpose Discussion Board student I have had the opportunity to connect with students from different countries on Liberty University campus. The reading really reminded me of the responsibility I have to be intentional in those relationships with international students. The next principle, Life on Purpose Discussion Board the practice of sending, really has been on my mind this past week. As a college student, I do not see myself as having a lot of money that I can spare. However, my goal this summer is live more simplistic, so I can have some money left over for supporting others who are going overseas. Furthermore, I hope to use my gifts and my time as a resource to give local believers. I really do need to be involved in a church and not try to do this alone. In addition, through inviting others around me to join in the Great Commission and seek to live our lives on purpose, others can be mobilized to go overseas or work in their own hometown. Finally, I cannot forget the importance of prayer and walking through this with God.1 As it says in 1 Thessalonians 5:17; “pray without ceasing.”2 Without Him, what am I working towards? I know that He will continue to teach me as He continues to guide me on this journey Life on Purpose Discussion Board 3
Turabian Format.
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Ralph D. Winter and Steven C. Hawthorne, editor. Perspectives: On the World Christian Movement. Pasadena, California: William Carey Library, 2009).
Response 2
God’s global purpose and the aspect of being a world Christian Life on Purpose Discussion Board
God’s global mission entails spreading his word to every human so that they can receive eternal life and salvation. And with His all-knowing and omnipotent power, God is able to create great nations from enthusiastic believers who are humble at heart and have accepted Him. The ultimate goal of God’s word is so that it can have a strong positive effect on the lives of millions of people across the world.

Life on Purpose Discussion Board God’s Purpose and Plans

With that being said, it is upon human beings to internalize God’s purpose and what He has planned for them in order to understand phenomena and circumstances around them. Everything is tied and linked to the divine aspects of our spiritual embodiment. God’s word has all the knowledge and arsenal required to face any current situation, understand it, and properly react. Life on Purpose Discussion Board Christian believers need to do more than just accept the word of God and live a humble life. They should yearn to spread the word of God so that the ignorant can be filled with the knowledge of God’s purpose for them and how they can receive salvation. To follow Christ is more than accepting Him into your heart. It needs the patience and persistence to give ensure everyone around you follows Christ as well and understand the joy it encompasses to be a child of God
World Christians Life on Purpose Discussion Board define a specific and select group of individuals who have accepted Christ as their Lord and savior and have taken a personal role and responsibility to evangelize the word of God to people in unreachable and inaccessible locations across the world.

Life on Purpose Discussion Board
World Christians Life

It is not enough for them to just accept Christ and receive salvation. They focus on making the ignorant and unaware of the existence of God, the joy He brings and the happiness He comes with. World Christians often suffer the painstaking task of spreading the gospel to people reluctant to accept it but with God’s guidance and God’s global purpose at heart, they stop at nothing to realize their goals.

Life on Purpose Discussion Board Comparison between World and ordinary Christian

Being a world Christian does not make a person better than the person who is an ordinary Christian, but it has the aspect of making people feel the joy one feels by accepting Christ. Life on Purpose Discussion Board World Christians must have a world vision, which they keep and put at heart. This vision is filling the gaps of the world without Christ and they put their life solely on that task. From his, they develop strategies which will have a strong and lasting effect on the gap they intend to fill with Christ.[1]
[1] Bryant, David, World Christian living. Life on Purpose Discussion Board To be a world Christian (The Traveling Team, 2015), 1

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