Life Span Developmental Theory and Issues

Life Span Developmental Theory and Issues To help you understand and apply life span developmental theory and research to everyday issues, you will write a review paper under one of the broad life span developmental areas given below.

Life Span Developmental Theory and Issues
Life Span Developmental Theory and Issues

Your paper should focus on a particular issue within the broad topic given and discuss the general research findings related to the issue. You should end your paper with faith-informed policy recommendation/s for improving experiences within the relevant area.

Life Span Developmental Theory and Issues Essay Paper Guidelines

The paper should be 7-8 pages long (including the Title & References pages). It should be typewritten, double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman font. To do a good job, you should review, at least, six (6) empirical journal articles (professional research articles only; do not cite the textbook) for this paper.
Select one of the broad life span developmental topics below (in bold) and narrow it further to a specific issue (as in the italicized examples below the bolded developmental areas).
Broad Life Span Developmental Areas:
The Beginnings & Prenatal Development
g., Genetic Counselling, Behavioral Teratogens, Assisted Reproductive Techniques
Early Childhood Development
g., Socioemotional Development, Preschool Education, Parenting Practices and Styles
Middle Childhood Development
g., Educating Children with Special Needs, Standardized Testing, Electronic Bullying
Adolescent Development
g., Juvenile Offenders, High School Education, Identity Issues
Early & Middle Adulthood Development
g., Optimal Health Practices, Psychological Disorders, Generativity Concerns
Late adulthood & end of life issues
g., Elder Abuse, Neurocognitive Disorders, Euthanasia

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