Main Features of Chinese Civilization

Main Features of Chinese Civilization 1) Compare the main features of Chinese civilization from about 1000 to about 1500 CE to your choice of either the MesoAmerican (such as the Aztec) OR Andean civilizations (such as the Inca) in the Americas during approximately the same time period. How do you explain the similarities and differences?

Main Features of Chinese Civilization
Main Features of Chinese Civilization

2) “There are several important similarities and differences when comparing the role and impact of Islam in India to the role and impact of Islam in Africa.” Explain.

3) How did the Mongols change the world—or did they?

*For each question, do the following

Aim for at least 500 but no more than about 1000 words. If you like, you can prepare your actual essay answers in advance and then paste your answer into the assignment but this is not necessary or mandatory.

Write a formal, well-organized essay that includes:

–an introduction with a thesis or interpretive statement;

–well-constructed paragraphs with topic sentences and supporting details;

–evidence from a variety of times and cultures;

–evidence from a variety of course materials (video lectures, readings, forum interactions, etc);

–a conclusion that wraps up the main issues.              Think about whether you would like to include “categories of analysis” (such as political, social, etc) in your answers.                                                                             You might also raise the problem of sources (primary vs. secondary, etc.) in relation to your topic.                Try to synthesize diverse and divergent evidence into a comprehensive and insightful vision of the issues.

Your task is to weigh the evidence and arrive at reasoned conclusions. You are a judge examining all the possible evidence from a variety of perspectives, not a lawyer arguing a case from only one point of view.

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